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Turkey is Family

Hands down, one of my favorite business trips of the year for Minnesota Turkey is my annual trek to Washington DC in July. My boss and I take a group of our leaders –  mostly farmers and sometimes a student or two  – to our nation’s capitol to participate in the National Turkey Federation Summer […] Read more…

Weekend Snaps | Snow and Stuff

Weekend Snaps | Snow and Stuff

Happy Sunday! I’m watching the Minnesota Vikings game right now and waiting for Joe to get home from a friend’s house so I thought I’d jot a quick blog post for you all. Another fun weekend is almost in the books as we head straight into … Turkey Week! Friday = Best Mom Ever Award […] Read more…

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Turkey Lovers Unite!

June signals many things, including the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, but did you know June is Turkey Lovers’ Month®? It’s true! I’m not just making this up because I, in fact, am a huge fan turkey – as you well know. June is Turkey Lovers’ Month® is a thing. Really. You can […] Read more…

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Find a Farmer at the Minnesota State Fair!

I’m sitting here eating a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Which makes me think about dairy farmers. Which leads me to thoughts of the completely amazing malts (hot fudge, please!) at the Minnesota State Fair. Which brings me to this blog post. You know, about farmers and the State Fair. See […] Read more…

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The Worry and Work on Avian Influenza.

If you live in Minnesota and watch or read the local news, it’s been pretty hard to miss the almost daily reports of a deadline avian flu hitting turkey flocks in Minnesota. I’ve written about it for Agriculture.com (most recently here) but I haven’t covered it too much on my blog. It’s hard to put […] Read more…

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