I can’t believe it’s basically been a month since I’ve posted. 

Well, I can believe it – but I don’t necessarily like it. November was a whirlwind – so busy at work with the National Thanksgiving Turkey project and trying to fit in a little LuLaRoe in between a little family time and a little girl time (Girls Trip 2017 to Chicago!) I didn’t feel terribly balanced but it was a fairly awesome trip to Washington DC with Joe — it was cool to have him see what his mom does for her job and be able to take him to the White House for the pardoning ceremony. (Plus … girls weekend was the best – I need to blog about that soon!)

My LuLaRoe business probably suffered a little bit because I couldn’t focus my free time (what free time?) on it; however, I was pretty happy with where I ended up for the month, all things considered. Plus, I had some extra funds to buy a few pieces from the 2017 Elegant Collection, which I should receive tomorrow. So excited to see what kind of glitz and glamour and sparkly I get!

Now we’re in the throes of December, which means band concerts, piano recitals, drumline practice, staff holiday dinners, work travel (to Fargo – ugh?!), Christmas shopping, holiday baking, and so on and so forth. Busy but fun!

Yesterday I had a LuLaRoe sale in Chaska, which went pretty well – good traffic and enough sales to make it worth my time. The organizer is a sweetheart – even buying me a glass of wine to start the sale with! 😉

Today, I baked some Vanilla Chocolate Chip Mini Scones from The Pioneer Woman as well as these Gingerbread Bars with Eggnog Cream Cheese Frosting from A Kitchen Addiction. Both recipes were completely yummy! 

After some laundry, some inventory work in the LuLaLair, and a trip to Target, I also made A Farmgirl’s Dabbles’ Lasagna Soup for supper, using about 1/2 Italian turkey sausage along with the other 1/2 pork sausage. Super delicious – I would highly recommend this recipe!

I love soup, did I mention that?

After supper, I put together some slow cooker sloppy joes and cheesy hash brown potatoes for tomorrow night. Joe has his band concert and (weather permitting) his grandparents are coming early for supper and the event. The weather doesn’t actually sound too favorable, unfortunately, but I’m prepared if they do arrive!

Now I’m grateful to be actually sitting down on the couch, watching a new Hallmark Christmas movie, and chilling out before the busy week hits us. I hope you had a great weekend, too!

xoxo – Lara

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