Oh-Em-Gee … this day essentially was brain overload. Or maybe a better way to explain … multi-tasking overload. Like ridiculously so. My work at the office was coming at me from all directions and I felt overwhelmed. (Nobody’s fault but my own, by the way. But still.) Plus it was like appointment central between the eye doctor (for me) to ortho and piano (for Joe) – and then scheduling the next round of new appointments. Good grief.

Clearly I deserved a glass of wine with dinner tonight.

And some random thoughts throughout the day – because I’m totally random sometimes. (Get over it.)

  • Why do new prescription glasses have to cost a bazillion dollars? Okay, $911. Which is still crazy! But apparently the latest technology in lenses is worth it. (Although we could buy a 50-inch LED TV at Costco for less than new glasses for me. Sheesh.) I haven’t ordered yet but with my prescription – which is super HORRIBLE, by the way – I need the best, skinniest, most kick-ass lenses money can buy. 
  • My son can actually walk with a purpose when he needs to. He had exactly 6 minutes (give or take) once school let out to make to the car so I could get him to his ortho appointment, and shockingly, he made it. And I saw him physically walking fast. Walking FAST, people.
  • And file under super funny (and remember to tell Teacher Man) – Joe literally said today (and I quote): “Teaching is hard.” Yes, Joe. Yes it is.
  • Is it wrong to down half a bag of Cheetos White Cheddar Puffs with your teenage son, drop him off at piano, and then walk to the new kitchen store in town, which sells high end kitchenwares and gourmet food? I felt a bit like an imposter talking to the clerk about how amazing everything in the store was when I’d literally just stuffed my face with junk food! That I bought at Walmart. LOL
  • Let’s ignore the Cheetos thing for a moment. (In fact, I’m just going to pretend that whole thing never actually happened.) Let me say the new kitchen store is so cute! It has some amazing high end inventory – like all the drool-worthy Le Creuset (oh be still my French-loving heart) – but also has some fabulous affordable items too. And classes, you guys! I think it would be so fun to take a class someday – on what, I don’t even know. But something that I don’t normally cook or bake.
  • Why does Teacher Man dislike spaghetti pie? Pasta … meat sauce … cheesy goodness … did I mention pasta? It’s fairly perfect. Sigh. He only likes spaghetti if I make the sauce from scratch – including my mom’s homemade meatball recipe. Which, I get it. It’s freaking awesome. But that’s a weekend warrior recipe and spaghetti pie is perfect for a weeknight. Oh well … I still make spaghetti pie. (And I bake it in a pretty pie dish from The Pioneer Woman collection. At Walmart. Lord help me … ) I’m the only one in my house that likes it but tough hop. I’m the cook (generally) so I make what I like. 😉
  • I was more excited to see the new Star Wars movie trailer during the Vikings game last night than the actual Vikings game. Seriously. 
  • Will and Grace. What do you think? I loved that show back in the day. LOVED IT. I watched the opening episode of the new season – and it was … okay. I’m going to give it a shot, though. I want to be Karen when I grow up!! LOL
  • And thank God for Snapchat while I’m waiting for the eye doctor to show up.

MyOtherMoreExcitingSelf.comMyOtherMoreExcitingSelf.comApparently I crack myself up. ;) Y’all have a great night – it’s been fun being random with you!!

xoxo – Lara


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