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This is 49.

Or well, almost. If you want to get really technical, then Sunday this will be 49.

My birthday.

My last year in my 40s.

And you know what? It’s been a pretty fantastic run. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to say I’m going to be 49.

Is it a little strange? Sure. One year until 50. A new decade. But so far that doesn’t bother me too much. We’ll see what happens as I get closer – but the truth is, I think my 40s have been my best decade yet … for me. 

I feel good in my own skin. I feel happy with where my career has, so far, taken me. I am most proud of my accomplishments as a mom. I’m lucky to have the life I do. I’ve done some good things in my 40s. 

And really, that’s what it’s all about. Is life perfect? Definitely not. But at the end of the day, I look at where I’m at, and I’m blessed. A family I love … a career I love … time to explore all my side interests (like this blog!) … and so much more. I’m a lucky girl.

49. It’s not so scary. In fact, I’m pretty proud of 49 and where I am.

To that I say, cheers and don’t be afraid to embrace your age. 🙂

xoxo – Lara

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