As I sat down to write this post and I looked at all my photos from the weekend, it was clear that this weekend was all about MJ … that’s Miss Morgan, our 3-year-old niece. 

Oh wait, 3-and-a-HALF, thank you very much! πŸ˜‰ 

She spent Friday evening through Sunday morning with us and she was quite literally a hoot and then some! That girl is part sassy, part girly/princessy, part theatrical, part smarty pants – emphasis on the smart. πŸ™‚

I had a LuLaRoe open house Friday night that went very well – my best open house to date, in fact. Morgan, of course, picked out a new outfit within five minutes and thankfully, Grandma was available via text to pay for it. LOL

Saturday, Morgan had us all outside doing sidewalk chalk, after which we took off for the park in our neighborhood – Morgan on her scooter, Joe on his bike, and me on foot. Joe was very patient with MJ the entire weekend as it was clear from the get-go that “Joe-Joe” would need to pretty much be available whenever MJ wanted him around! 

Later that night, I made crispy turkey tenders, which got a big thumb’s up from all of us and then we settled down on the couch to watch “Brave” and have some popcorn.

Today, Morgan went back to her momma and daddy and Teacher Man and I went back home and took a nap. We love watching her, but man, those toddlers are exhausting! 

I hope to get the recipe for the crispy turkey tenders up on the blog Tuesday if I can! In the meantime, enjoy the photos!


Auntie just had to buy a new Jasmine princess doll for Miss MJ!

And the kids were off to the park!

Cousins are the best!

We took the kids to Hayes Public House in Buffalo so Teacher Man and I could have a beer Saturday afternoon … that place has a great Irish pub vibe because we weren’t the only family with kids in there. It’s really just a place for everyone to hang out, play some games, and enjoy a beer or craft soda. 

Crispy turkey tenders!

Saturday night selfies! I mean, this girl … these crack me up so much. πŸ˜‰ 

Another selfie with Auntie!

And finally … our favorite selfie of the night that Morgan took! 

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