Teacher Man and I headed up to St. Cloud later this afternoon to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary a couple of days early. The official day is Monday but we’re both working (Teacher Man is painting and I’ll be in Alexandria and then Melrose for most of the day). 

Plus …. a Saturday night celebration is much more fun than Monday night, right?

Before dinner, we finally visited Munsinger and Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud, and I am almost embarrased to admit I have never been! My parents have gone several times and I’ve seen my mom’s pictures, which are stunning, so I knew it was time we should check it out. (Teacher Man chuckled as he realized he had been very close to these gardens while he went to college at St. Cloud State – however, he never ever noticed them. Certainly not surprising!) 

The gardens did not disappoint – they were amazing! And while I assumed I’d love the gardens down by the river the most as they are probably more typical in landscape style to what I have, I will tell you the more formal Eurpoean-style gardens were stunning and I think we spent more time walking through this area, marveling at all the colors and the fountains.

The amazing thing is these gardens are free to the public and open every day of the year from 7 am – 10 pm! Plus, the history is pretty cool – read about it here. There is also one of the tallest outdoor fountains in Minnesota, the Renaissance Fountain with Cranes.

Munsinger and Clemens Gardens are well worth the trip – whether you garden or not. 

Afterwards, we enjoyed dinner out at Granite City Food & Brewery and then headed home to have some ice cream. Happy 18th anniversary to us! 🙂


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